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Who are we?

Tekiila is a climbing club for the students of Tampere University of Technology and as of the introduction of Unipoli Sport, also for other universities in Tampere (UTA, TAMK). It was founded in 1994 and is run under the students’ sport club TurVoKe. Our goal is to promote climbing and bring climbers together.

Indoor climbing at TUT

If you are interested in our club, or climbing in general, you are welcome to visit the weekly climbing meet. The indoor climbing meetings are arranged in Bommari or Tamppi Areena on Wednesdays.

Remember to check the week! The times are also visible on our website’s calendar. We don’t hold weekly sessions during the summer break.

Odd weeks: Tamppi Areena
Even weeks: Bommari

Climbing sessions begin at 18:00 and last until 20:00. Everyone who’s interested is welcome! You don’t even have to be a member if you just want to try, but your Unipoli Sport fee should be paid.

Bommari is at the bomb shelter under the Rakennustalo. In case you’re not studying/working at TUT, make sure you get inside the campus before the main doors closes at 6 pm. Then just take the stairs or the elevator down, and you shouldn’t miss it. All you need is some sporty clothing to climb with. The club has some climbing stuff to borrow and to start with ( shoes, chalk etc.). If you’re more interested in climbing and want to get a belaying card, we recommend you to enroll on our beginners’ course (see below).

If there is some exceptions, e.g. the climbing session is cancelled, there will be a post on Tekiila’s mailing list, on Tekiila’s telegram channel and on Tekiila’s facebook group.

How to become a member

The easiest way to get started with climbing, and become a part of Tekiila’s awesome community, is to attend one of the courses we arrange. For more information check out the next chapter.

If you already have some climbing experience or don’t want to attend any of the courses, you can become a member by following these steps.

  • Pay the membership fee (5 €) to Tekiila’s bank account FI17 1439 3000 1057 29, with reference number 6664.
  • Send Tekiila’s “Jäsenrekisterivastaava” (eelis peltola (at) gmail com) an email which includes the following information:
    • First and last name
    • E-mail address
    • Official city of residence
    • If you are a member of TUrVoKe ry (TUT students yes, TUT employees no, UTA and TAMK students and employees no)
  • Notice that you should also have paid the Unipoli Sport fee to your own university, in order to be a member of Tekiila.

Tekiila and TUrVoKe ry will not give your information to 3rd parties. Please read the membership registry description before registering (in Finnish, required by EU registry laws. Ask the jäsenrekisterivastaava for any additional information).

Climbing meet-up

If you have belaying skills already and want to find some climbing company or just climb more, we have climbing meet-ups beside the climbing sessions. The time of these meet-ups is on Monday from 18 at the Tamppi-Areena. If there will be any changes about the time or place, they will be informed on Tekiila’s telegram channel and on Tekiila’s email list.


Beginners course

Tekiila has traditionally arranged two beginners climbing courses a year, but since the completion of the new climbing wall at Tamppi Areena in February 2017 we have started arranging courses according to demand. You can find the sign-up to the beginners course at

The  beginners course duration is approximately 5 hours, which includes a brief intro to climbing in general and practical training. You’ll learn how to tie in figure 8 climbing knot, ATC belaying and other necessary skills for independent indoor climbing. The course price is 20 €, which includes all necessary gear for the course and the membership for the rest of the year!

Make sure you have paid the sports fee of Unipoli Sport before the course! (Do this well in advance to make sure you get rights to enter Tamppi Areena!)

Other courses

An outdoors rock climbing course is usually arranged in the beginning of summer and is comprised of a small theory part held at TUT and of practical training that takes place during weekends on some of the nearby crags. Some amount of climbing experience is recommended.

Depending on demand, an ice climbing course might also be arranged during winters.


We arrange excursions for Tekiila members on the last weekend of each month. During winter the excursions are usually to climbing gyms in Helsinki, but in the summer we go to outdoor rocks.

For excursions to indoor climbing gyms, climbers must have a valid belaying card or sufficient skills to get one at the gym. If you have any questions, you can contact us at tekiila-hallitus (at) listmail tut fi or come talk to us at the Wednesday climbing sessions.

The Key

The key is personal and you are not allowed to borrow it from anyone or to lend it to anyone.

With the key, you can:

  • Access the equipment storages for use and borrowing (not ropes).
  • Change the angle of the bouldering wall in Bommari. This requires brief introduction to the system!

To get the key, you must

  • Have paid the 5 € membership fee for the current year. See section “How to become a member” above.
  • Prove to us that you know the basics of climbing, to prevent injury. This can be done at wednesdays during the climbing hours. Tekiila’s basic climbing course or previous climbing experience is proof enough.
  • Pay 10 € for the key to Tekiila’s bank account 143930-105729 (IBAN: FI17 1439 3000 1057 29 and BIC: NDEAFIHH) with reference number 6677 and message “key / Your Name”.
  • Take a screenshot or print of the payment as a proof.
  • Print the key-document from here and fill in your name, email, phone number and sign with date.
  • Then you have to contact Tekiila’s “Avainvastaava” (milan makipaa (at) gmail com) and make an appointment when to get the key (preferred time: Wednesday during climbing hours).

Information channels

Tekiila has a mailing list, tekiila(at)listmail tut fi. This is a forum for announcing climbing trips and excursions, changes in bommari/Tamppi Areena and everything else related to climbing and our activities. You can join the mailing list here. (Please use your email address when subscribing)

You can also join us on facebook and telegram!

Contact information

In case you have any questions you can send an e-mail to Tekiila’s board members at tekiila-hallitus (at) listmail tut fi