Climbing club Tekiila

v. 0.1

TEKIILA is the Teekkari’s climbing club founded in 1994 in Tampere University of Technology. The clubs goal is to find and train proper climbers from the nerdy crowd of TuT and maintain a cool social culture around peeps interested in this silly sport.

Every wednesday we have a climbing session in either Tamppi or Bommari (even weeks in Bommari, odd weeks in Tamppi; check the calendar). The wall in Tamppi areena obeys the timetable of Tamppi Areena while Bommari is always open. More specifics of the walls can be found in LAITA LINKKI TÄHÄN :).

We also have a active community, messaging mostly through the Telegram app but also through facebook or just face-to-face during the climbing sessions where we plan which wall or stone or mountain we should conquer next.

We have “monthly” excursions to climbing centers farther away where you can join as long as you are a member of the Tekiila club.

Whether you have interest in a beginners course, finding friends to climb with, challenging your inner monkey or just showing off your skills, you should begin by joining the mailing list (LINK) or visiting the weekly climbing sessions next wednesday.